2008 + 2009+ 2010 years....


proud owner Shannon Langevin...thank you  for your loving care

!!!!Great news from Sweeden !!!!

Ultimate Friend Janoel (Coca Cola + Devil)


Congtratulate Pia and Lasse!!

thank you Peggy for great work with Onassis!!

Big Congratulate Patrick!!!!

Ultimate Janoel

( CH. Lui Aimeé Devil for Janoel + ICH.CH. Coca Cola Janoel)

in first show only 6 months old: IDS Nörrkoping 10.6.2010

Judge specialist Bass Bosch commentary:

High quality pupp , very nicely made throughout , lovely headpiuce ,

exc. scull shape and wrinkling , super chin & ears , decent colour eye ,

well angulated front , decent bone , typical top & underline

             exc. hind quartes , nice brindling , superb condition.


Big congratulate Pia and good luck for future!!!

Congratulate Shannon !!!!

  St.Petersburg - 16.5.20010 

Orest Janoel - CAC, Best male and new Champion of Russia

big congratulate Elena!!!




Congratulate Patrick !!!


Oriana's great shows career in Australia

Oriana Janoel (Zyzzy Janoel + Orlando)

31/1/ 31/1/10 - Redcliffe kennel Club , Challenge Bitch , Judge M Dois Neeves Benites (Brazil)
       30/1/10 - Beenleigh Kennel Club , Challenge Bitch, Judge F Leung (Hong Kong)
       21/3/10 -  Tweed River Cainine Club, Best of Breed, Judge Y Smith
        9/4/10 - Sydney Royal  Show, Challenge Bitch / Best Of Breed -Judge N Karsldotter (Sweeden)

      10/4/10 -  Club of NSW Specialty Show,2nd. junior bitch,Judge Sylvia Crozier (NSW)entry 60

              18/4/10-  Kennel Association of Queensland ,Best Of Breed, Judge E Ryder

BBig congratulate David and thank you for your loving care!!

Urbain Wulf Janoel (Devil + Cola) in first show!!!


Judge: A. Belkin                              Congratulate Irina!!!!!




Good luck in new home..DABAKELA kennel - Canada

Son of multichamp. Dionisio and Boule Bee Janoel

Cngratulate Pieter!!!!


Great show-weekend for Janoel-offsprings

20.3.2010 - National show Russia- Orest Janoel - CAC + Best male + champ. OANKOO

21.3.2010 - National show - Orest janoel- r. CAC

21.03.2010 Ludwigshafen - Onassis Janoel , CAC VDH + CACIB

21.3.2010 -Texas USA- Sophia Coture Janoel - Best Winners Bitch,

BOS-Best female + 4 Point Major!!!!!!


congratulate Elena!!!

  Quedo Janoel 

(Orlando + Dream)

get next piont for Canadian Champion

tThank you and congratulate Shannon!!!

Two brothers

Onassis and Orest Janoel



!!!!Great show-weekend for our two males!!!!


Devil -NEW Champion CZ  

  Dio -NEW Grand champion CZ 

  IDS Trenčín 23.January

Crazy Feeling Dionisio - CAC + CACIB + BOB

Lui Aimeé Devil for Janoel - res. CAC


big big congratulate Peggy!!!!!!!!

We're concluded show-season 2009 in Poland

6.December Nowa Ruda (judge: A.Otrowski)

Crazy Feeling Dionisio - CWC + Best male of breed

Lui Aimeé Devil for Janoel - CWC


!!Thank you Dorota Gebska-Grewling for beautiful pictures               

              Great news from Texas

All Breed Canine Association of America 4 days show

 21-22.November in Houston Texas

Sophia Couture Janoel

(Dionisio + Darling) and grandaughter of  ICH.Coca Cola Janoel

and sister my Sissi Kiss Janoel

International Baby Champion U.S.A.

Show 1

Judge Dr. Steve Keating - International and USA Judge

Best of Breed - Puppy     Group 1 - Puppy Group

Show 2

Judge Ms. Juliann Kowalsky-  USA Judge

Best of Breed - Puppy     Group 1 - Puppy Group

Show 3

Judge Ms. Betty Nelson- International and USA Judge

Best of Breed - Puppy     Group 1 - Puppy Group

Show 4

Judge Ms. Jane Roppolo- International and USA Judge

Best of Breed - Puppy     Group 1 - Puppy Group






18.10.2009 National Dog Shows - 3XCAC- Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

excellent 1,CW,jCAC, Best Junior,BOB!!.(Judge Oleg Janchev -Russia)

 excellent 1 (Judge M.A. Poggesi -Italy)

excellent 1,CW, jCAC, Best Junior.(Judge Jean-Claude Klein -France)

24.10.2009 French Bulldog Specialty, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

ex1, CW, jCCCh, Best junior Male of Color, junior Club Winner!!!!!

Big congratulate Elena and good luck for next shows!!!!


IDS show České Budějovice 25.10.2009

judge: Mr Řehánek Petr

Lui Aimeé Devil for Janoel - ex1 + CAC

Crazy Feeling Dionisio - CAC + CACIB + BOB and

finished title


CLUB-SHOW msbmk french bulldogs 2009

Ostrava 12.September 2009

 59 frenchies entry

judge :RNDr. Božena Ovesná

Lui Aimeé Devil for Janoel




100 Jahre IKFB Club show

6.September 2009

290  french bulldogs entry!!!!

3 Orlando's offsprings in honored places

Onassis Janoel - ex.4 in puppy class (17 entry)

Lui Aimeé Gangster Jack- ex.3 in puppy class (17 entry)

judge: Karl-Heinz Blumenrode /D

Amy Sunny Bitt Box - ex.3 intermediale class (22 entry)

judge: Maureen Bootle/UK

Dionisio excelent (betwen last best five) in ring (19 entry)

judge: Brigitte Schjoth/DK


Congratulate Peggy and Jacob!!!!

 30.8.2009 IDS Mladá Boleslav

(judge: I.Potůčková)

Crazy Feeling Dionisio - CAC + CACIB + BOB

Bastien Janoel Bitt Box - CAC

Onassis Janoel 

(Orlando + Zyzzy Janoel)

Suiss Sieger Show in Mellingen

Congratulate Peggy!!!!


Next wonderful frenchie from litter "O"

(Zyzzy + Orlando)

Obelix Janoel

                         started excelent showing career in Sweeden

                     Avesta 14.6.2009 - Avesta (judge Leif Lehman Denmark )- BOS puppy!!!
               26.7.2009 - Ransäter (judge Åke Cronander Sweden)  2 with prize of honour puppy
                  9.8.2009 Askersund (judge Norman Deschuymere Belgium) -
BOB puppy!!!
                               23.8. 2009 - Swedish Kennelclub National Show in Vallentuna.
                  ( judge Eva Liljekvist Borg Sweden) -
BOB and BIS puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                              Congratulate Tanja!!!!!!!                 


15.8. judge: Stanton Paul (S)

Crazy Feeling Dionisio r. CAC

16.8. judge: Karcher Christian (F)

Crazy Feeling Dionisio - CAC + CACIB + BOB!!

Dionisio was winner of Champion class before Craft winner 2009

Ocean Fantasy iz Palevy buldog!!!!

Lui Aimeé Devil for Janoel - CAJC - best young male

Thank you my friend Jiří Matuška for good handling my dogs


  Onassis Janoel 

(Orlando + Zyzzy Janoel)

26.7.2009 - Ludwigshafen

BOB + Tagesbester


Oriana Janoel 

(Orlando + Zyzzy)


Oriana Janoel 

(Orlando + Zyzzy)

good luck David with Oriana in future!!

              Ours loving "ITALY" is 10 years old !!!

                                                      thank you Italy for your love ..

                              we wish you many happy next years in our familly !!!!!!!




Wonderful show-weekend

13.6. Special-show MSBMK 2009

judge:Margarete Wildman -England

Dionisio - CAC + Male of 2009 + BOB!!!

My Darling - CAC + Female of 2009


14.6. National show Klatovy

judge:Helena Táborová-CZ

Devil - CAJC-Best young

Orlando - CAC + National winner

Orlano Du Terroir De Fonfroide

Regional winner + BOB

Winner of Mladá Boleslav




Special show Berlin -Glindow 28.March

(judge: A. Karban)

Dionisio - CAC + Anw. Dt.Ch.VDH Best male + BOB!!!!

from 81 french bulldogs entry!!!!!!!!

IDS Berlin 29.March

(judge: C. De Giuliani)

Dionisio - CAC Anw. Dt.Ch. VDH

Dionisio's trophy from one shows-weekend



TULN 2008


Orlando's son......

IDS Prague -Orlando- CAC + CACIB + BOB!!!

Coca Cola and Dionisio finished title


Dioniso's wonderful doble winning

in 15 months old

2x CAC + 2xCACIB + 2xBOB!!


                                           Dio in the bed....                                               

Special show french bulldog

(judge: Mrs Betsy Dale-USA)

Ch.FELICITY JANOEL (daughter of Tequila) - BIS!!!!!!



Thank you and congratulate Tony and Johny!!

 My Dream's sister DIXIE JOALE'S JANOEL is NEW CHAMPION U.S.A. !!!


 Footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his All Capone Janoel 

 "Good luck with All Capone, Zlatan!!"

 "BATCHI JANOEL" - Congratulatiíons to James and to Batchi's first success !!!